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Spent more than 8 hours. Oh well. You tend to have major code rushes at the start of a new project.

  1. Planning
  2. Tiles
  3. Blarg PyGame. Blarg Pngs. Blarg transparency.
  4. Not pixel perfect.
  5. Reusing old code for the engine.
  6. Render order.
  7. Nicer looking tiles. Pause screen.
  8. Major Rewrite of grid layering. Instead of a different surface for each tile/layer, blit each cell to a single surface.
  9. Player Spritesheet and render player.
  10. Player can move with keyboard input. Fancy selection hover effect.
  11. Simple pathfinding that incoperates height.
  12. Fixing up movement from pathfinding. Move the camera as player moves.
  13. Working on teleporting

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