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This project was spurred by the fact that bPermissions’s promotion system limitations. While it focus’s on tracks, the actual permission node for each track uses one node per group. My desired setup was that normal users could promote Guests. Giving users the promote.User permission node would then allow users the ability to both promote to guests to User and to demote them from it. Not ideal. While I first debated forking and submitting a patch (which I half did), I also wanted the promotion commands to be more configurable. Currently they were /promote [trackname]. Which would force a mod use the command more than once to go all the way from Guest -> Mod.

VaultPromoter uses Vault as a backend so it should work with all permission plugin it can use. The commands are configurable, as well as the text sent to the players. The text also takes context into account. Commands are in the format:

/<command> target1 target2

To Do

  • I still need to make a settings file and it’s parser as all planned settings are all hardcoded in.
  • If I plan on putting this on Bukkit Dev, I’ll also need to make an installer that will create a default configuration file(s).
  • I will need to get my old color code filters and word wrapping put into this plugin.

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