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Over the past months, I’ve submitted a few changes to Towny.

  • (Old News) If you didn’t know, I’ve added a new war mode. It’s different than the previous one where the admin would trigger an event and the entire world is at war. This version will take your alliance (enemy / allied) into effect, and allow you to capture your enemy’s plots. * A more recent change to it is that I’ve added economic costs for attacks in the new war mode.
  • A smoke effect around the border of a plot do help distinguish the boundaries of a plot better. This should lead into a few optional modules to build a fence around plots, etc later. I’ve done more tinkering outside of Bukkit though.
  • Created a custom theme for the Quassel IRC client. It’s simple CSS based on the Monkai theme you see in a lot of places. You can check it out here.
  • Learned a few python tricks and tried out the Google App Engine through Udacity‘s CS235 free online class.

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