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I wanted to create my own doodle app that would upload to I decided to tackle javascript and its various libraries (JQuery, fabric.js). It also made me familiar with HTML’s new canvas element, and the “HTML5″ brand’s new techniques.

MegaUpload Batch Downloader (Python)

I started watching One Piece. Unfortunately, >400 episodes to download is fairly annoying to do manually. So I fired up python and made a script to download from megaupload in a single-threaded environment using Mechanize and BeautifulSoup.

Bukkit Plugin – CellWar (Currently Integrated Into Towny)

I started getting re-involved with Towny’s development, and got some inspiration from users about how to do warring Nations. I also took a gander at some of the mechanics of a similar plugin that did PvP stuff right, Factions. I coded up some threaded tasks that created a huge beacon in the sky overtop the area under attack. The game mechanic was to attack and hold the area. Towny’s war event is the same thing, but there’s nothing physical. So I created a focus for the defenders. Attacking would have the attacker place a flag, which the defenders would need to break / take down.

pyTactics (PyGame)

I wanted to try making my own Tactics engine, inspired from Final Fantasy Tactics and the 40 Hour challenge, I only knew Python and Java at the time, and wanted to learn more with Python. So I took a second shot at Pygame (I’d tried to port an old Turing project before). I managed to get the isometric down right, as with the height levels, but my code re-rendered the whole map every tick which was terrible so I scrapped the project.

Bukkit Plugin – Questioner

I wanted a way to integrate accept/deny ability to Towny’s invitation’s to join towns and other user confirmations. At the time, there was no customizable API available for the task, so I made my own.

Bukkit Plugin – Towny

I converted Towny to Bukkit when it became apparent hMod was dieing. The initial release didn’t include the wall generation code, however I did add iConomy support as well as a taxation system. I then coded up a (rather sloppy) implementation of having residents own plots inside towns.The rewrite had me focus on getters/setters, exception handling (as well as custom exceptions), as well as focus on the inevitable problem the hMod had. hMod didn’t plan for when Minecraft would eventually allow users to move between more than one world on a single server, but the Bukkit dev’s had foresight.

hMod Plugin – Arena

A server owner was asking for a plugin to kick off his server and make it more unique. Basically a new player would be forced to tackle a waves of enemies when he first joined before being able to select his faction. This was my first tackle on a paid project, and gave me a tons of experience for what to do next time.

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