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Bukkit Plugin – PrideArena

I took over a writing a friend’s plugin for the Pride PvP Games server. Essentially, I put into practice the game mechanics of a Deathmatch arena in the style of the Hunger Games. Actually, it’s not that much like it as there’s no cornicopia danger. You choose a kit (class) and there a grace period when there’s no PvP. My personal highlight of this project is the that I shosed the status of the arena with signs around the portal you enter. Giving a very good user feedback about the sate of the arena. While I don’t have credit for the idea, I also added a gate that closes down to prevent people from walking though the portal (as opposed to just not teleporting them).


Looking for an IRC client that that fully customizable skins eventually brought me to Quassel. While I love the fact everything is styleable in QSS (CSS for QT), the client itself has a few minor annoyances. Thus began my first serious foray into C++.

Bukkit Plugin – Vault Promoter

This project was spurred by the fact that bPermissions’s promotion system limitations. While it focus’s on tracks, the actual permission node for each track uses one node per group. My desired setup was that normal users could promote Guests. Giving users the promote.User permission node would then allow users the ability to both promote to guests to User and to demote them from it. Not ideal. While I first debated forking and submitting a patch (which I half did), I also wanted the promotion commands to be more configurable. Currently they were /promote [trackname]. Which would force a mod use the command more than once to go all the way from Guest -> Mod.

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