Hawken Server List

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During the Beta for Hawken, the developers turned off the server browser to maximize the usage of their matchmaking (in order to perfect it). This made those who wanted to setup an organized scrim very painful. I checked out how Hawken retrived the list and put together a simple interactive table using jQuery and Datatables…. Read more »

WebSearch for Quassel

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Quassel - WebSearch Selection

Finally got a working feature working. I’ve been hacking away in Quassel‘s C++ for the past few months as it seemed a good incentive to learn the language through practice. My feature was to allow selected text to be google searchable. It’s not been submitted yet to the main repo. I’ve still got to give… Read more »

Coding Updates

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Over the past months, I’ve submitted a few changes to Towny. (Old News) If you didn’t know, I’ve added a new war mode. It’s different than the previous one where the admin would trigger an event and the entire world is at war. This version will take your alliance (enemy / allied) into effect, and… Read more »