Hawken Server List

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During the Beta for Hawken, the developers turned off the server browser to maximize the usage of their matchmaking (in order to perfect it). This made those who wanted to setup an organized scrim very painful. I checked out how Hawken retrived the list and put together a simple interactive table using jQuery and Datatables…. Read more »

2013 (Ongoing)

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Hawken – Player Count Graph After Ashfire made his graphs private. I decided to go ahead with a project I’d been holding off because he had already made a solution. I installed MongoDB + PyMongo and wrote a script to poll the server list periodically, then store the resulting JSON in the database. Once that… Read more »


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Bukkit Plugin – PrideArena I took over a writing a friend’s plugin for the Pride PvP Games server. Essentially, I put into practice the game mechanics of a Deathmatch arena in the style of the Hunger Games. Actually, it’s not that much like it as there’s no cornicopia danger. You choose a kit (class) and… Read more »

New Project: QuestBuilder

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I realized my entire design for Quest Editor was flawed. While NPC data is mostly consumed of checkmarked options and a ComboBox, Quest data has an insanely complicated hierarchy. My experience with extending Java’s native GUI components is slightly better after my first attack, but I know that making 20 slightly similar classes along with… Read more »

Citizens Editor Update – Loading

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I managed to easily get the design and mocked up elements done well within the time limit.   From there I jumped right into learning how to make the tables and lists actually load data from Citizens. This involved deciphering the loading process of the plugin. I soon found that I would be unable to… Read more »

New Project: Citizens Editor

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Designing a quest based server makes dealing with Citizen’s configurations terribly annoying. So I decided to plan this project out first (crosses fingers and hopes it doesn’t turn out like my last planned project). Since this will revolve around a technology I’ve not profected (GUIs), I’ll be needing to associate time to learn new skills… Read more »

New Project: Vault Promoter

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This project was spurred by the fact that bPermissions’s promotion system limitations. While it focus’s on tracks, the actual permission node for each track uses one node per group. My desired setup was that normal users could promote Guests. Giving users the promote.User permission node would then allow users the ability to both promote to guests to… Read more »


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jsPaint I wanted to create my own doodle app that would upload to imgur.com. I decided to tackle javascript and its various libraries (JQuery, fabric.js). It also made me familiar with HTML’s new canvas element, and the “HTML5″ brand’s new techniques. MegaUpload Batch Downloader (Python) I started watching One Piece. Unfortunately, >400 episodes to download… Read more »

Fruits of Todays Labours – jsPaint

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I love DeviantArt’s Muro sketchpad. It’s freaking amazing. I just don’t want every doodle to end up in my DA gallery. So, I needed a different image host. Just so happens Imgur has an API, with examples (well rough ones). I also just so happen to be wanting a project to learn JQuery. Thus, this… Read more »


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Over the last month or so, I’ve been learning and tinkering around with Python. From there, I’ve also played with Pygame for general drawing of sprites and input. I think I’ve reached a level of understanding that would allow me to create a decent project. My inspiration for this is Jay Barnson’s article on Building a Game… Read more »