MultiView IRC UI In AngularJS

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Today, there was a minor discussion on #quassel on UI ideas for multi split chat. I origionally set out with the idea of adding small icons next to the selected buffers in the buffer list widget to show which buffers are selected. This idea spiralled into learning a little bit of AngularJS to make a… Read more »

Gimp 2.7.4 Review

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Gimp is an awesome open-source alternative to Photoshop. However, it’s rather lacking in a few places. This review is using the 2.7.4 development build for windows found here. * Floating point settings (eg: 0.00) increment by the hundredth (0.01) when using the arrow buttons. Same with hovering over and scrolling as well as click-draging left… Read more »

StumbleUpon Share Bookmarklet

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One of the most annoying things about using Chrome is the StumbleUpon extension. It’s a terrible port for those used to the responsiveness of Firefox’s addons UI. Clicking on the Icon will inject an iframe, which takes a bit to load. That same iframe is injected for every page thereafter until you click the SU icon… Read more »

Drupal is Annoying

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Getting Drupal to be sleek is tedious. There’s a fair amount of imperfections in the UI. Maybe I’ve not used enough plugins (or the wrong ones), but I’ll stick with the number one newbie CMS, WordPress.

Day 1

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Spent more than 8 hours. Oh well. You tend to have major code rushes at the start of a new project. Planning Tiles Blarg PyGame. Blarg Pngs. Blarg transparency. Not pixel perfect. Reusing old code for the engine. Render order. Nicer looking tiles. Pause screen. Major Rewrite of grid layering. Instead of a different surface… Read more »

Content Virginity = Gone

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Today I fumbled around with the Drupal content management system. The theme I edited isn’t perfect (the header still sucks) but it’ll do for now. Tomorrow I’ll tackle finishing up towny’s admin panel, and getting as much town related content to be accessible by admins. I will also be migrating the documentation content from the… Read more »