Submitted by Shade on Sun, 03/20/2011 - 13:51

/town new Alden

Your now standing within your homeblock. When making a town, the nearest chunk is claimed as your town. Chunks are a 16x16 area and 128 blocks high from bedrock to the clouds. You can easily find the edges of your town by walking until "~ Wilderness" pops up stating your no longer within your fledgling town's boundaries.
All right! You have a town! Needs a little polish though. First lets check out it's status.
By the way, /town can also be written as it's shorter form /t. /town without parameters will display you town's status. There you'll see something like to the right.
Looks like we have a maximum of 16 town blocks. In Towny, townblocks = chunks*. As you town grows bigger with more residents, your limit increases. Also, admins have the power to give bonus blocks to a town (and take away!).
For now, we should be standing just outside our town. Let's try claiming the town block we're standing in.
/t claim
Now our town's status should show "Town Size: 2 / 16". Now we're talking! The 16x16x128 area your town just grew to 16x32x128! Of course we also have 14 more of those. So start walking into the wilderness and claiming the area around you. If you get disoriented, pull out the map of the area with:
/towny map
You can see an example to the left. You can see our town is 4 town blocks in size. But you might find your looking at the map a lot. Towny has a cool thing where a player can enter modes that help him interact with the environment as he travels. One mode is mapping mode.
/r set mode map
Like /t with /town, /r is short for /resident or /player. /r set is the general command for assigning resident specific items. Alright, now try walking in the wilderness. The map should pop up every time you walking between chunks. Finish using up the rest of your town blocks. In case your ever want to turn off mapping mode, reset your mode with:
/r set mode reset
Okay, we've reached the maximum size our town can be. For now at least. Let's set up a few plots for our eventual residents to move in to. Walk back into town and find the perfect spot and type:
/plot forsale
If you pull up the map again, you'll notice that the townblock is now represented as a dollar sign. If you want, you can buy it yourself.
/plot claim
Congratulations, you just bought your own very first plot! If you so choose, you can decide for other people in town to not be able to build with:
/resident set perm ally off
Now only you and your friends can build in your plot. You don't have friends? Let make some. First go up to a random stranger and punch him. Well normally that works. Sorry, making friends isn't covered in this tutorial. When you do find some however, use this when they are online:
/r friend add beaver
The command will autofind from the online players for anyone starting with beaver, so BeaverDude and BeaverTheBeaver would both be added to your friends list. You can always check it by checking your own status.
Let's say we don't actually like BeaverTheBeaver, let's kick him from our list. We have to be a little more specific this time.
/r friend remove beaverthe
Okay, make a few more plots. Now let's go get some residents. Smokey looks cool, let's add him.
/t add smo
He's now part of your town. Go get a few more guys. Like maybe your friend. Sooner or later you'll notice your town status changes. Your maximum town blocks will increase, and your honourific as mayor might change. Your fledging town might even become a city! If managing such a bustling area troubles you, as you cannot be online all the time, try adding some town assistants to help you. They'll have the power to add/remove residents, as well as setting up plots among other things. Lets up your friend.
/t assistant add beaverdu